Sara Trail

Executive Director

Sara Trail dedicates her art practice to social justice reform and created SJSA in efforts to engage students and activists across the United States who share a common vision of equity and justice. She uses art as a vehicle for motivation and awareness while providing people a platform to create activist art through fabric textiles.  She encourages people to become artivists [art + activist] and designs community social justice quilts as a tool for social critique and action. She hopes SJSA will start a conversation that sewing is not only an effective avenue for social activism, but also a creative form of resistance.


Claudia Tapia

Community Outreach Director

Claudia Tapia is a teaching artist and educational researcher who currently attends the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her joy lies in working with youth, building community, and finding new and unique ways to grant marginalized populations access to education. She is excited to be the community outreach coordinator for SJSA and she believes every person has a unique story and it takes patience, care, and understanding to empower these individuals to be the best version of themselves they can be.


Julissa Muniz

Director of Development

As a first generation high school and college graduate, Julissa Muñiz's lived experiences living and learning in economically deprived, underresourced schools and communities directly informs her teaching pedagogy and practice both in and out the classroom. Julissa joins the SJSA team as more than just a Director of Development, but as an ally to the work and promotion of youth development and agency. Her goal is to expand the SJSA program into nondominant, alternative spaces of learning so that all children and adolescents can have access to a critical learning space, an open place of reflexivity and healing, and art as the primary vehicle of self expression and empowerment. 


Robin Gadient

Volunteer Coordinator

Robin Gadient is a mother, educator and poet who serves as the Creative Director for the Social Justice Sewing Academy. She was raised in Hawaii, which influenced her multi-cultural, inclusive and creative perspectives on social and racial justice. She graduated from the College of Creative Studies at University of California Santa Barbara and now resides in the Bay Area with her family. Robin intends to embrace her role with the passion and dedication needed to foster the growth and successes of the SJSA.