Colors fill the beauty of the earth
So if people are different colors why do they get hurt?
Why does the world judge so bad?
We were all born with a mom and dad
Inside we are all the same
Outside things may vary and change
Inside we all have a heart
Outside the only difference is light or dark
Equality is the main importance
So why is it covered up with so much ignorance

-Shelby Lynn Schatek


Land of Opportunity

I speak for my people
I speak up for my hard working “parientes”
I speak up for my people who can roll their R’s
I speak up for the people who have an "accent"

Well, that accent is the sound of home
It's the sound of the voice of my lovely mother
It's proof that our roots are rooted so deep within us
that no other language can cover up our true identity

And answer me this Do crop farmers and cherry pickers ever get a day of vacation?

Will their tough work ever get paid the amount it is worth?

Hispanos, Chicanos, Latinos,
Hermanos es hora de despertar

Es tiempo de que nos juntemos y alcemos nuestra voz
Es demasiado tiempo que nos hemos quedado en silencio
Necesitamos ser escuchados.

-Laura Madriz

Black is Beautiful

I see it
I see her
I see the beauty

A Black Woman

It’s her dark melanin
It’s the kink of her curls
It’s the curve of her hips

It’s a Black Woman

Her Strength
Her intelligence
Her compassion

She’s a Black Woman

She’s a queen
She’s a mother
She’s an influence

She’s the Black Woman

Whiteness is not the ONLY beauty
It exists: A beautiful Black Woman

-Meagane Annalle Tchtchouang-Kayo


Now or Never

“ A veces no hay proxima vez, a veces no hay segundas oportunidades, a veces es ahora o nunca.”

In life there are many opportunities.
Where are mine? Where are mine?

Are some of those opportunities given to those who don’t deserve it?

Are they? Are they?
Growing up in East L.A.
I’ve seen and heard a lot of things.

I come from a family of immigrants.
We know all or nothing.
We know now or never.

It’s written on the back of our hands.

Feet that my grandparents walked on from Mexico to give my parents a better life.

My mother, 18 years young, having a baby girl, when her mother came here to give her a better life.

A better life? A better life?

My father dropping out of high school to support his family.

My mother had me, and finished high school and got her Masters in Child Development.

A better life. A better life.

My father works long hours doing construction to support his wife, daughter, and son.

A better life? A better life

I take all of the opportunities given to me because my parents know about all or nothing.

I feel good about the great things I accomplished in my life because i worked so hard

I want it all. I’m nothing like the kids who don’t have to lift a finger because their life is set for them

Going to private universities and getting paid because they have money

To make money

And money is respect in the society we live in today.

Do they know about all or nothing?

Now or never?

-Kimberly Pat





Fabricate the perfect world.
It feels like we’re all being twirled-
You set me up to tear me down
Is it all because i’m brown?
You say I’m confused and indecisive.
You think I’m just being naive.
My feet on the ground but
My head in the cloud,
My thoughts are just way too loud.
Trapped by a barbed wired fence,
They say freedom comes with an expense.

-Jennifer Chinwuba

Working Vocabulary

There is a barrier between us that we didn’t know of.
But it was there.
Set in place by the system,
Disguised by the schools.
Taught by teachers.
Society is our mold to shape ourselves so we are “normal”
It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we follow the “rules”.
I’ll have Jordans.
I’ll have nice clothing.
I’ll have...
top ramen for dinner.?
Surrounded by corner stores, gun shops, and fast foods,
How can I leave?
For I am living in my grave.

-John Paul Dela-Cirna

Mexican American

I have a question, do I look American to you?
Soy Mexicana; I am Mexican
Mi mama y papa son Mexicano; my parents are Mexicans
So? What about it?
Nothing, it’s simple you see I’m a Mexican born in America
A Mexican American
Here’s the issue I’m either too Mexican or too White
Too White? … too Mexican?
Last time I checked I was a Mexican American
As in both American and Mexican

But what does that mean; It means as a Spanish speaking child I must learn to speak English
It means I can't speak English around my mother for fear of offending her 

Be wary of the people around youMeet a person with a really thick accent andJust know they are trying

Be patient, I know it’s frustrating but understand  
It needs to be known that yes our families have a past
And yet we have a future here

Me siento orgullosa de ser mexicana
I am proud to be an American

-Stefanie Valdez

Black People Can Rise

We’re said to be unworthy, uneducated, and unreliable humans

We’re unable to break the system that was undoubtedly placed upon us

We’re told it’s our fault
They tell us we’re free, that is undeniably false!

We’re too loud, unprofessional, and ghetto

Only 42% of black students graduate college Because we’re STUPID?

Going back to the times where we were unwillingly taken from our home lands and stripped of our culture

Shackles placed on our hands and feet…...enslaved; Now back to present times

We’re thrown into uncomfortable slums, overtaken by poverty, then labeled as dumb

Given outdated textbooks and taught outdated history which praises the white man's flesh as if that flesh didn’t rape, kill, and steal

We learn of its pureness, but black is dirty

We’re said to be uneducated, maybe just manipulated!

Our government is said to be making progress

More like a disguise of progress to get us to shut up for a while

Hidden segregation is now accepted in society as fairness for all

So yes, we can hold high positions

BUT only if our skin isn’t too dark and our hair isn’t too nappy.

A cycle where our children don’t have a chance because instead of growing up they’re stuck in a rotation

When the people who hate us are the people in charge of creating equality in our community

The people throwing us in jail for drug possession are the people selling it to us

Truth is, We’re brilliant, ambitious, great

We never stopped fighting

We’re beautiful

We're BLACK  

-Mailian Carr